Our series of five curricula are not only medically accurate but are uniquely engaging and inclusive! Recognizing that no two communities (nor classrooms!) are the same, we've created curricula that allow instructors to adapt lessons to meet the needs of each  classroom, while complying with the requirements of the California Healthy Youth Act. Each curriculum is equipped with a variety of lesson plans addressing required topics for each age level, so instructors can select activities that best fit the values, learning styles, and needs of their students. 

Our curricula for grades 5 & 6 (Puberty Talk), grades 7 & 8 (Teen Talk Middle School), grades 9-12 (Teen Talk High School),  and grades 11 & 12 (Teen Talk High School Refresher) are comprehensive, unbiased, and designed by our team of professional health educators, with guidance from adolescent sexual health experts and best practices in the field. Our newest curriculum, released in summer 2017, Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities, is designed for students with disabilities, a population that has too long been underserved. 

Interested in taking a look at our curricula in person? Send us an email at info@health-connected.org.  If we are currently working in your child's school district, you can typically view a copy of the curriculum at your child's district office or school site or contact us to schedule an individual curriculum viewing at our main office.

For proprietary reasons our curricula aren't currently available online in their entirety, but we know the community is eager to learn about them! That's why we're developing abbreviated versions designed specifically for parents that focus on the content delivered to students. Keep checking back for updates!

In the meantime, click on a curriculum below to see its Table of Contents.