No child is the same; no classroom is the same; and no community is the same.

With this in mind, Health Connected has crafted a curriculum series that includes visual, auditory, verbal, and kinesthetic lessons and activities that cater to students' diverse learning styles. Each curriculum is adaptable offering a variety of lessons and activities for each topic so instructors can choose those that best meet the needs and values of each classroom and each community while meeting legal requirements and educational standards.

Health Connected's team currently provides instruction to more than 50 Bay Area and southern California schools. Additionally, districts throughout the state are also using our curricula in their classrooms, implemented by host teachers who have been trained by Health Connected. Through our specialized trainings, educators gain practical knowledge to implement Health Connected's curricula in their school, providing even more youth throughout California access to the comprehensive sexual health education now required under the California Healthy Youth Act.

One of our greatest strengths is the sensitivity with which our educators interact with youth. They are skilled in cultivating critical thinking, respect, and empathy within classrooms. Click on a curriculum below to check out activities and lessons from each of our programs!

Relationship skills are not innate; rather, they can and must be learned, practiced, and mastered.
— "Effectiveness of Healthy Relationship Interventions on Teen Pregnancy Rates," The Dibble Institute