We strive to cultivate a partnership with parents/guardians to provide the highest quality comprehensive sexual health education possible. Health educators can relay unbiased facts and figures and provide an opportunity to build communication skills in a facilitated peer environment, but we cannot convey the familial values and morals that drive real-life decision-making, nor can we provide the same level of support that parents offer their children.

Prior to the implementation of a Health Connected course, our team offers parents the opportunity to learn more about our programs. Our team often partners with school sites and their districts to hold information sessions that provide details about the content of your child's instruction, the latest adolescent sexual health legislation, and other related insights.

This is also an important opportunity for you, as a parent or guardian, to not only raise any questions or concerns about your child's instruction, but also to maximize your understanding of the role you play in supporting your student through adolescence. Information sessions are each unique, but often include:

  • History and philosophy behind our programs

  • California Education Code requirements (CA Healthy Youth Act)

  • Program content (with examples)

  • Tips to increase parent-child communication about sexual health

  • Sneak peek at the Parent Homework

  • Resources for parents related to adolescent sexual health

  • We answer your questions!

For more information about our Information Sessions, contact our Parent Engagement Coordinator at or contact your school site directly.