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Teen Talk High School

Below is a sample of lessons and activities from our Teen Talk High School (TTHS) course (visit our Table of Contents for a more exhaustive list). Lessons in TTHS have been informed by best practices in adolescent health, state/federal guidance, the California Healthy Youth Act, and feedback from students, parents, and teachers.

Trusted Adult Communication: "My Communication Diary"

Youth who communicate with their parents about sexual development succeed in a variety of ways, from improved literacy to better decision making. It also creates a closer bond between families. That’s why we encourage students to identify trusted adults in their lives, and open up a dialogue with their parents/guardians. In Teen Talk High School, this is through the “My Communication Diary” adult interview assignment.

Gender & Sexual Identities: "The Identity Spectrums Prezi"

This 40-minute Prezi guides students in gaining a broader understanding of gender, gender expression, sexual orientation and biological sex with an emphasis on inclusivity and respect for peers.

Sexually Transmitted Infections: MTV’s “I’m Positive”

This documentary, created by MTV and The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, chronicles the lives of three young adults living with HIV throughout the U.S. The film focuses on transmission, prevention, partner communication, and testing. It also highlights the challenges HIV+ people face when navigating relationships with family and sexual partners.  

Contraceptives: "Birth Control Stations"

Students explore 10 methods of barrier and hormonal birth control methods, including the most effective: not having sex. This interactive activity allows students to view and touch samples of these pregnancy prevention methods, gain an understanding of the science behind how each method works, and their effectiveness rates.

Relationships: "Healthy Relationships Brainstorm"

With newly gained knowledge around various types of physical, emotional, and psychological violence (in both platonic and intimate relationships), students reflect on their personal values to brainstorm what a healthy/unhealthy relationships look like. Strong focus on boundary-setting and building communication skills.

Sexual Safety: "Sexual Bill of Rights & David & Michelle's Story"

Through a fictional story based on true-to-life events, students critically examine themes around California’s sexual safety laws, communication, and the process of sexual consent.

Decision-Making: "What Would You Say?"

This activity, often completed in pairs, helps students build their decision-making, communication, and refusal skills in a safe classroom space.

Goal-Setting: "Mapping my Future"

This is an end-of-course activity, with a strong focus on goal-setting. Students envision their futures while reflecting on their personal and familial values, and the information learned throughout the two-week TTHS course.