While each student has a different level of comfort and knowledge surrounding sexuality when they begin our programs, a remarkable number exit with increased health literacy and confidence. Here is what students are saying about our programs!

I’ll be more considerate of other people’s values.
— 9th grade student
I feel like I can make better decisions now with more confidence.
— 9th grade student
After I took this program I switched from a daily oral contraceptive to a IUD. This has improved the quality of my life, I am never stressed about whether I remembered to take my birth control or not, and I would never have done it without the info provided in Teen Talk!
— 12th grade student
I feel more comfortable talking about my body. I also feel more normal and I know that I’m not the only one going through these changes.
— 5th/6th grade student
After participating in this program I would always speak up if I’m not comfortable with something.
— 7th/8th grade student